The Unseelie Court - Mal's poetry
Hello, darklings
You have stumbled into the forest of secrets, dark passages lead you to the core of the dark woods. Here, among moss covered branches and deep caverns, you will find sacret heart of the wildernss, breaming with unearthly gleam. Here you will find me, holdding my pen, pouring my blood on the parchement, connecting with my inner changeling.
Posted on November 14, 2021 / by Mal in sitely

I put my latest poetry on the site – I enjoyed going trough my writing, choosing the ones I resonate most with.

I hope you enjoy my little darklings.

Later I will add my older creations.

Stay warm, my dear visitors!

Posted on November 13, 2021 / by Mal in sitely

…. to my new poetry place, where I pour my visions, fears, joys and imagination.

My poetry is dark, sometimes bloody, very often reflecting my love for freedom and nature.

I will upload my poetry tomorrow, see you, till now. May the wood spirits guide you.

The Unseelie Court is poetry site of Mal. Please do not take anything from the collection or claim as yours. The poetry stored here are copyrighted to Mal.